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Meet Gary

Gary Beaton has been an award-winning Producer, Director and Entertainment Executive in the Television and the Motion Picture industry for 38 years. His passion has been to create inspiring Documentaries, Films and Television Series. Gary is also an accomplished Author, Historian, Visionary and Speaker, which allows him to convey powerful stories through his own writing, personal journeys and global adventures on location.

Gary launched Transformation Glory Ministries as the Founder in 2010, He travels extensively throughout the world sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and ministering to the needs of others through servant leadership. Gary has the Father’s heart and is actively involved in missions, humanitarian aid and blessing those who need healing and hope and anointed to fulfill their God-given destiny.

He is an ordained Apostle, Prophet and Minister of the Gospel through Glory House Ministries. Many lives are dramatically transformed by the power of God wherever Gary is invited and sent to minister. He has a unique gifting to help empower people into their God-given Destiny.

Gary loves see lives touched in a dramatic way through miracles and revealing the supernatural realms of God found in the Scriptures. He has a passion to bless the nations with a love that knows no boundaries. Gary believes that every sphere of influence in the world needs transforming touch that can help create a better future for all..

Gary firmly believes in a life-giving principle that everyone needs to live a life beyond mediocrity and dare to be courageous world-changers in all they do. To actually live out a life-long dream takes endurance, fortitude and opportunity. What counts beyond that are living out qualities of integrity and humility, learning to flow as a team, having excellence in one’s work ethic and never losing the passion to dream.